Home Monitor 3.2.1 Released

Just released Home Monitor 3.2.1!

This version now supports the latest version of pfSense (2.2.1) with the latest logging settings.  Here is the documentation for the latest logging format for pfSense: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Filter_Log_Format_for_pfSense_2.2

This new version of Home Monitor App 3.2.1 also includes a basic workflow that allows users to walk through the dynamic dashboards.  You can start with the Home Network Device List and see which devices have registered on your network.  This host list is generated by devices receiving IP addresses from your home router.  Click on any of the IP's and the dashboard below will populate with the external connections the device has been connecting.  Click on the "Destination_IP" and this will take you to the "Detective Dashboard" that shows you what other internal IP's the server has been talking to.  Finally, click on the "dest_ip" in the panel labeled "External IP's Attempting Connections inbound," and you'll see additional information about that destination ip.

There are other workflows built into the app and I will cover them on an online video later this month.  For now, enjoy the enhancements and please let me know any fixes or issues you run into with this new build.



  1. Hi, i have try with pfsense and display nothing can you explain more ?


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